Moms: Know Your Community College Financial Aid Options

Community colleges often get picked on. Trying to attend school as a mother, however, means seriously looking into junior college options. Personal benefits and academic challenges are part of the package for smart students who want to earn a degree. With financial opportunity you could get the education you want and need. It’s a big myth that junior colleges aren’t for serious students. In reality many community colleges offer stimulating classes and often are right in your back yard. The flexibility and opportunity are great for moms who want to go to school. The federal education grants for mothers are helping ambitious mothers take the classes they need to earn degrees. Earning $ 5,000 to help pay for school is a very attractive offer. Perhaps the biggest reason many people choose community college is to save money. Moms who apply for a $ 5,000 grant certainly want to be cost conscious when going to school. At a 4-year institution the cost of attendance could be 30,000 a year or more. At a 2-year college, an exceptional SAT score and GPA could earn a full scholarship. A scholarship based on achievement is a huge incentive for many ambitious teenage mothers. Travel expenses and housing are just a couple of the other necessary expenses that could be covered with the $ 5,000 grant. At junior colleges many students will find that they have study opportunities that are similar to 4-year schools. According to a 2002 New York Times article, 168 community colleges maintain honors programs. Certain community college are beginning to mirror the syllabi at big-name colleges and universities. Some schools allow students to study subjects like philosophy and cultural art in places around the world. These quality academic opportunities can help students as they work toward further degrees and as they develop their careers. The federal grant money for mothers will give an important boost to the women who want to go to school. No matter what program she wants to study at a 2-year college, the $ 5,000 Scholarships for Moms award is a huge asset. Community colleges can be great training grounds for attendance at 4-year colleges as well as for entering the work force. Earning an associate degree is a smart choice on the road to being a professional.

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Mutual Fund Alternatives

– How To Easily Improve Your Portfolio PerformanceIn these unsure times several investors are worried concerning there mutual fund performance and are wanting for mutual fund alternatives for growth.There is one easy investment (and we have a tendency to mean anyone can do it) that has on past performance exceeded gains of 50% once a year, and this looks set to continue.Thus what investment are we have a tendency to pertaining to-The investment is copperPrices of copper have increased in value more than six-fold since late 2001!These gains look set to continue and this investment could be a nice different to mutual funds in terms of performance and risk / return.It is simple to invest in copper.This is often a bull market and all traders want to do is to time their entry correctly and then sit back and fancy the ride.Thus why is copper thus bullishQuite simply, we have low inventories tight offer and big demand as global economic demand soars,

because the new economic super powers of China and India join the economic elite.Copper could be a barometer of economic growth and world demand overall is soaring, there is simply not enough copper to fulfill demand and this suggests higher prices.RiskWhen trying at mutual fund alternatives is copper additional risky than mutual funds-We don’t assume therefore, at the tip of the day, mutual funds are much additional volatile than several believe and also the investment performance of most fund managers is dire – if you make double digit gains your lucky!Copper on the opposite hand is up 600% in simply a few years and you’ll be able to trade with unlimited profits and limited risk with options.DiversificationReduces risk of your overall portfolio and copper is thus an mutual fund various investment that may compliment your existing portfolio and scale back risk.Commodities buy and holdIf you are wanting at commodities as a mutual fund various then you need to adopt a straightforward obtain and hold strategy for future gains – Keep in mind, your investing for the long term.Other opportunities for fifty – a hundred% annual gainsCopper isn’t the sole commodity that produces a nice mutual fund alternative investment, there are a number of more.We have recently as an example, written articles on energies and you’ll have seen our recommendations in simply two weeks create additional than most fund managers do in an exceedingly year!Check out our previous articles and you may see.In fact, our copper trade last week achieved an analogous performance!Commodities are a nice mutual fund different investment, because they are straightforward to understand, their real and everybody will follow the trends happening in the worldwide economy.Could this be the foremost profitable of all-As a mutual fund various copper may be a nice investment, crude oil and unleaded gasoline have additionally done very well for us,

however maybe the best mutual fund alternative of all is natural gas.Natural gas continues to trend lower, however will probably become one in every of the biggest commodity market bull moves of recent years and investors will simply build 100% per annum.Why-As a result of crude oil prices are high and natural gas is affordable and not subject to geo political considerations that have an effect on crude oil.So, the switch to gas that has already started can accelerate. Furthermore, provide will not be in a position to stay pace with demand and this can see huge worth spikes.For currently natural gas is trading lower, however not for abundant longer in our view, traders who wish a mutual fund various ought to contemplate this commodity as well.

Copper but several more choicesCopper may be a great mutual fund alternative investment right now and natural gas may be a part of it during a huge bull run.If you would like mutual fund alternatives that are simple to understand and trade, look no any than commodities, with copper and natural gas two you must consider.These mutual fund alternative investments will build you fifty – a hundred% annual gains simply by using a simple obtain and hold strategy and you don’t need a fund manager to do them, thus you’ll be able to save the fees and not have to listen to the excuses for poor performance!


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BTO = Buy to Open BTC = Buy to Close STO = Sell to Open STC = Sell to Close Each Options contract = 100 shares Call Spread – When you anticipate the stock price will rise in today’s stock market On February 6, 2011, XYZ Company closed at $ 44.82. If you wanted to buy 100 shares of XYZ because you felt the stock price will continue to rise, it would cost you $ 4,482.00 (100 shares x $ 44.82). You could accomplish the same goal using options but at a greatly reduced cost.

You could buy 10 contracts (1000 shares) of the July 45 call (trading at $ 2.87 bid / $ 2.92 ask), a debit and sell 10 contracts (1000 shares) of the July 50 call (trading at $ .96 bid / $ 1.00 ask), a credit. The difference would be $ 1.91 (2.87 – .96) bid and $ 1.92 (2.92 – 1.00) ask with 157 days to profit. If you placed an order at a limit price of $ 1.90, the call spread would cost $ 1900 instead of $ 4,482.

BTO 10 XYZ Jul 45 call & STO 10 XYZ Jul 50 call for $ 1.90 = $ 1900 (debit) You would have the difference of $ 2,582 ($ 4482 – $ 1900) to invest in other stocks or options. Instead of putting all your eggs in one basket, you have accomplished the same goal (1000 shares) but have money left to invest in other stocks or options and thus minimized your losses.

If the call spread option price rises $ .50 to $ 2.40, you could close the call spread as a unit for a profit of $ 500 (credit of $ 2400 – debit of $ 1900).

STC 10 XYZ Jul 45 call & BTC 10 XYZ Jul 50 call for $ 2.40 = $ 2400 (credit) If the stock price of XYZ drops after the trade, you could buy back the July 50, one leg, for a lower price then you received which is a profit. Then wait for the stock price to correct (rise) and then sell the July 45, the other leg, for more than you paid for a profit on both legs before mid July.

If you choose to close the call spread one leg at a time instead of as a unit, always close your biggest liability first. In this example, it would be the leg that you sold which is the July 50 call.

Remember – Always buy enough time for your options trading strategy to work and use price alerts.

Bob has been an active trader in options since 1982 and is the President of Sweet Dreams Trading Company.

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Alternatives to Race-Based Admissions Fail to Achieve Student Diversity
Not even hundreds of millions of dollars spent on alternatives to race-based college admissions policies have achieved significant diversity among entering college classes, according to four studies commissioned by Educational Testing Service, Princeton.
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LETTER: User fees for driving a pro-labor policy
Paying for parking on a daily basis bolsters the market for transit alternatives. There are now 20 educators from 3 different colleges — including three former union presidents — who publicly support the proposal to pay for parking in return for …
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Traffic growth on South Farnsworth Avenue in the spotlight
"I wanted to find out how this might impact the school, and I realize there will be some alternatives to how the school is accessed as well as parking changes," he said. "To me, the safety of the kids is the most important thing." Those living near the …
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Future Options Trading

One the most excellent way to trade the futures markets are futures options. A lot of the new traders start by trading future options instead of straight futures contracts. Generally, there is a lesser risk and volatility when using options rather than futures. In fact, numerous professional traders only trade options.

But, before you can trade future options, each trader must learn the basics.

Option is the right and not the obligation to buy or sell a futures contract at a selected strike price. For the purpose of trading, you buy options to bet on the price of a futures contract to go higher or lower. The two main types of options are calls and puts.

Calls – You will buy a call option if you think that the underlying future prices will increase. For instance, if you expect wheat futures to move higher, you would want to buy a wheat call option.
Puts – On the other hand, you will buy a put option if you believe the underlying futures prices will go down. For example, if you expect corn futures to move lower, you will want to buy a corn put option.
Premium – This is the term used for the price of an option. You are going to have to pay something when you buy an option. Just consider the pricing of options as a bet. The bigger the long shot, the less expensive they will be. Alternatively, the more sure the bet is, the more expensive the price is.
Stake Price – This is the price at which you could either buy or sell the underlying futures contract. For instance, a September $ 5.30 wheat call allows you to buy a September futures contract at $ 5.30 anytime before the options expires. Most option traders do not convert options, they just close the option position and receive the profits.
Contract Months (Time) – Options have an expiration date, these type of trading only last for a certain period of time. When you purchase an option, you cannot hold it for life. For example, a September wheat call expires in late December. You will have to close the position prior to expiration. Normally, the more time you have on an option, the more expensive it will be.

Further, futures contract allows its purchaser the obligations to buy the underlying asset and the seller to sell and deliver it at a present date. An investor can enter futures contract without shedding any funds or just at least deposit around 10% of the price of the underlying contract. However, future contract itself doesn’t cost anything but a small commission. This type of trading represents a larger investment in an underlying asset. The contract would require the buyer either to purchase the ‘goods’ by deadline or sell the contract to a third party. So the financial obligation, according to principle, is potentially very large.

Future options trading gains are automatically ‘marked to market’ everyday. Any change in the value of position is automatically adjusted in the accounts of the contracting parties at the end of each trading day.

This kind of trading may carry a huge amount of risk, but are valuable for the leverage they offer – an ability to control the funds that you invest.

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