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Essential Life Hacks for Surviving College Life

It’s no secret that college life can be tricky to navigate. Whether you’re a freshman still learning the ropes or an upperclassman well adjusted to the college lifestyle, there are several skills that every collegiette should check off her bucket list before she graduates and ventures out into the real world. To help you get started on this quest for practical knowledge, we’ve compiled a list of nine can’t-miss life skills that will make your day-to-day college experience a little less stressful.

1. Mastering the 20-minute nap

Between early-morning psych lectures, club soccer practice, all-night study sessions and sorority dinners, there are simply not enough hours in the day to fit in a full night’s rest. However, a quick 20-minute nap between classes is a great way to recharge and catch up on some much-needed zzz’s.

“Twenty minutes is the ideal length for a power nap,” says Dr. Michael Breus, a sleep expert. “It reduces the amount of sleep drive, so you wake up feeling refreshed.”

If you’re feeling extra sleep-deprived, Breus advises the 90-minute nap. “The ideal nap [beyond 20 minutes] is actually 90 minutes, because it is the length of a full sleep cycle,” he says. “Anything between 25-90 minutes will just leave you feeling more tired than when you started.”

Not only is there an ideal length for napping, but there is an ideal time of day to nap as well. “The best time [for napping] is at 1:00 in the afternoon,” Breus says. “Your body temperature drops, which releases melatonin and helps your brain fall asleep.”

2. Chugging water to avoid a hangover

While it may be tempting to come straight home and crash after a long night out, your Sunday-morning self will thank you if you rehydrate with a bottle of water before bed.

“When you’re dehydrated, your blood thickens, and this affects the supply of oxygen to the brain,” says Dr. Alexander Mauskop, founder and director of the New York Headache Center. “This can make you feel lightheaded, dizzy and even cause fainting.”

Needless to say, sipping water throughout the night and in between drinks is a great way to avoid dehydration, which is the cause of most headaches the morning after drinking.

3. Balancing a checkbook

Nothing says adulthood like managing your own money, right? While the majority of our generation will manage banking online, learning how to balance a checkbook is the best way to ensure you’re consciously keeping track of your spending and monitoring any deposits or withdrawals you make. Not to mention, if your credit or debit card is ever fraudulently used or double-charged, you’ll have tangible financial records to reference. Keeping a folder for receipts with your checkbook isn’t a bad idea, either.

4. Managing stress with tea

With final exam season coming up, it may not be a bad idea to stock up on hot tea, which boasts a surprising amount of health benefits.

“When I’m frustrated, sad or stressed out, I drink vanilla chamomile tea with honey,” says Ashley McDonald, a senior at Central Michigan University. “Chamomile tea helps you sleep better, boosts your immune system and just relaxes you in general. It definitely lowers my anxiety.

5. Making no-bake cake balls

Because dorm life doesn’t have much to offer when it comes to baking supplies and appliances, no-bake recipes are the easiest way to satisfy your sweet tooth. Follow these easy instructions to make a dozen chocolate-covered cake balls in your dorm!

One pack of Oreos
One container of cream cheese
Two large Hershey’s bars
Crush the Oreos in a resealable plastic bag.
Mix crushed Oreos in a bowl with the cream cheese.
Roll the crushed Oreo/cream cheese mixture into individual balls.
Place Oreo balls in the refrigerator for an hour.
Heat the Hershey’s bars in a microwave-safe bowl to the point where they are melted (but not burnt!).
Dip the refrigerated Oreo balls in the melted chocolate.
While they may not be true “cake” balls, they’re definitely the next best thing!


How Suze Orman SCAMMED Millions from the Poor and Middle Class

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Beware everyone. The Suze Orman Sales Pitch will NOT help you. Watch this video to protect yourself from the predators out there trying to take a young student’s money If you didn’t know any of this was going on, then prepare to watch an eye-opening film. After you watch the video look at the list of celebrity’s that promoted Suze and probably profited too.

The intention of this exposé and the adjunct documentation at (including 2016 updates) is to educate the public, stop Orman’s scams, and to present an abundance of evidence for journalists and government agencies entrusted with protecting the public good to take matters from here and bring forth justice and restitution to victims of Suze Orman’s scams, shams, and shenanigans. (see examples of those victims in this graphic:


Oprah Winfrey, SKDKnickerbocker, Arianna Huffington, Anderson Cooper
Juju Chang, Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg, George Stephanopoulos
John King, Piers Morgan, Ali Velshi, Tavis Smiley, Larry King
FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair, NCLR President Janet Murguia, CNBC, OWN network
Selectquote, Politico, University of Phoenix, Money Navigator Newsletter
Cadillac, “The Talk”, “The View”, Bancorp
Michael Moore, Moira Forbes, Steve Forbes, Jack Welch
Sherry Shepherd, Oprah Show Producer Sherri Salata, Wendy Williams
And Senator Elizabeth Warren

With thanks to those who spoke truth:

Gerri Willis, John Ultzheimer, Chris Cuomo, Greg McBride
Eric Tyson, Clark Howard, Jason Zweig, Newsy
David Halperin. And many other financial journalists and bloggers



Reflexology Career Training and Course Options

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Enrolling in an accredited school or college to obtain an education in reflexology can help you to pursue the career you dream of. There are many reflexology career training and course options to choose from as far as specialized areas of study and you can choose to receive a certificate or degree. Professional reflexologists are trained to provide a form of natural healing by applying pressure to specific points on the feet and hands to help relieve stress and illness. You can start the path to an exciting career in this field by learning about the opportunities available to you and enrolling today.

acd_public-clinic-adjusting6_08-24-2015 - Copy - Copy

Becoming a professional reflexologist can be done by finding an accredited training program that meets your individual needs and goals. Becoming a professional in this field can be done by selecting a level of training and completing all required coursework. You can choose to train at the certificate or associate degree level which can take approximately six months to one year. Once you have made the decision to enroll in an accredited program and obtain a higher education, you can complete the required coursework and hands on training. This will help you to enter into the employment you desire and become a reflexologist.

With an accredited higher education you can pursue a career in reflexology. Once you have completed the required training at the certificate or associate degree level you can seek employment. Opportunities for entering the workforce in this field can include working in places like:

Private Practices
Chiropractic Offices

…and many other facilities. By entering into employment in any of these areas you will be able to have a successful career. In order to pursue a career as a reflexologist you must first choose the level of training and complete the coursework that is provided.

Coursework will help you to receive the knowledge that will be needed to provide an alternative form of therapy to your clients. Hands on training also provides education in massage therapy, chart reading, foot mapping, meridians, and many other topics related to this field. Accredited reflexology schools and colleges can also provide the opportunity for you to study acupuncture, ethics, techniques, anatomy, biology, and much more. With knowledge and skills in these areas you will be ready to enter into the workforce and seek the employment you desire. Start by learning more about the training options available to you and enroll in a program today.

Accredited reflexology school programs can provide you with the bets career training available. There are different agencies that can fully accredited qualifying schools that offer the quality education that is needed for a successful career in this field. The American Commission for Accreditation of Reflexology Education and Training (ACARET) can provide full accreditation to programs that meet the requirements. You can prepare for training by researching programs and learn more by requesting additional information. Start the path to an exciting future career by enrolling in an accredited school or college today.

DISCLAIMER: Above is a GENERIC OUTLINE and may or may not depict precise methods, courses and/or focuses related to ANY ONE specific school(s) that may or may not be advertised at

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Renata McGee is a staff writer for Locate Accredited Reflexology Schools as well as Opportunities to Study Reflexology Online at, your Partners in Education and Tuition Assistance Programs.


Options for Acupuncture Training and Careers

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Enrollment in an accredited acupuncture school will help you to gain the educational preparation that is needed for employment. Options for acupuncture training and careers include various levels of education and specialized studies. Training facilities will provide the skills and knowledge that you will need to pursue a successful career. You will need to decide on the path that you wish to follow in order to reach your individual goals. This can include the level of educational training as well as a specialized are of study. Begin by learning more about the opportunities available to you.

In order to prepare for a professional career in acupuncture, you will need to find an accredited school or college that provides the training you desire. Training to become a professional will require that you select the training program that is right for you. This will help you to obtain knowledge and skills in the areas that will prepare you for entrance into a professional career. Study programs are attainable at the bachelor, master, and doctoral levels. Accredited programs offer training in specialized areas such as:

Five Element Acupunctureacup2
Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Auricular Acupuncture

The level of degree and specific area of training that is chosen will determine the length of time that will be dedicated to training and coursework. The completion of a higher education program will help prepare you for a stimulating career.

There are a number of career opportunities available once you have completed training and obtained a degree in acupuncture. Accredited schools and colleges offer the educational preparation that is needed for you to seek out a professional career. You can look forward to becoming an:

Massage Therapist
Natural Healer

or other related professional. Making the decision to obtain a higher education in this field will help you by providing the coursework and training that you will need to learn how to insert needles into the skin to promote healing. You will learn various techniques by enrolling in a program and pursuing a career.

The coursework that is provided to you will cover a number of topics that are relative to the career you wish to enter. You can expect to attend courses in Chinese medicine, anatomy, safety, patterns of disease, five elements, and much more. With an accredited training program you might also be able to learn holistic health, herbal medicine, point location, clinical practice, ethics, and more. You can begin by finding a program that meets your needs and enrolling today.

Accredited acupuncture schools provide the best quality education and career preparation that is available to you. The Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ACAOM) is approved to award accreditation the training and degree programs that meet all standards and offer the best possible education. You can begin the process by researching programs to find the one that is right for you. By finding a program and enrolling you can be on the path to an exciting future.

DISCLAIMER: Above is a GENERIC OUTLINE and may or may not depict precise methods, courses and/or focuses related to ANY ONE specific school(s) that may or may not be advertised on

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Notice to Publishers: You may use this article on Ezine or on your Website; however, ALL links must remain intact and active. Failure to retain links is expressly prohibited and violators will be prosecuted extensively by law.

David H. Woods is a staff writer for Locate and request information from Acupuncture Schools and Colleges, as well as other Colleges and Universities offering Training in Acupuncture at, your positive pathway to discovery!

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