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Latest Trade School Options News

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Goal: Every student knows education options
Whether one continues learning at an informal setting or goes to trade school or college, education is a lifelong event. One main goal for Emmett High Principal Wade Carter is to ensure all EHS grads know their options for formal education. This year …
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She, He, They, Ze: Transgender art and artists at Columbia College
Columbia College offers a series of buttons with more options, including the novel “ze” and “they” used singularly, part of a universitywide campaign to allow students to choose how they’d like to be identified. ‘Bring Your … In “Southern for P …
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Latest Trade School Options News

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Bluenose border boys
The Bobcats acquired him in a trade with the Whitecourt Wolverines. … “There's pretty heavy recruiting down in that area, so I got noticed by a few schools and I had a few options, and ultimately I chose to play for Colgate after I'm done my junior …
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100-percent of Soulsville's graduating class heads to college
"Some students will choose four year, others will choose two year, some may choose trade school, and some might choose military, but getting 100 percent of our students to the place where they have the option to attend college is one of our goals, and …
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Latest Trade School Options News

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Higher Education Matters: Report says local schools good for military
The metro-east has several options for active military members and veterans hoping to further their education, according to a new report. Lewis & Clark Community College, Lindenwood University … The 2016 Military Friendly Schools list honors the top …
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Latest Trade School Options News

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Home Pastimes Managing trade professionals at home, tips to success – Ask a…
Whether or not you're considering a remodel, there comes a time that each of us needs to perform maintenance and repairs on our home. As a professional remodeler, I get calls regularly requesting referrals for home trades – roofers, plumbers …
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Binary autotrader reviews currency trading global the bible of strategies
Gamma profilejfsa what second strategy is this article what are options in trading risks of options trading trading service provider license in italy forex trade on weekends uk. Matrix pro software ist signal fr short job quitting strategy the trade …
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Scientists Are Building A Case For How Food Ads Make Us Overeat
"I really don't have a lot of hope for regulating food ads," says Robert Paarlberg, a global food and agricultural policy scholar affiliated with the Harvard Kennedy School and Wellesley College. "They're considered to be commercial protected speech …
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Latest Trade School Options News

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Does Everyone Need College For High-Paying Jobs? Here’s The ‘Middle Skills’ Option
And there’s a particularly big shortage in “middle-skills” – which are needed for trade-type jobs that require more than high school education but less than a traditional bachelor’s degree. “We’re not even close to filling the gap,” says Mark Alpert …
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Tradimo’s Little Traders game for iOS goes live
In tune with LeapRate’s earlier report about the pending launch of Little Traders, an iOS game developed by innovative online trading school Tradimo, the program went live today. Little Traders enables players to trade in a virtual stock market …
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Caribbean Medical School Options

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As the prices for American medical schools continue to balloon on a yearly basis, more and more students are looking at alternative options.  For many of these future doctors, medical schools in the Caribbean offer an attractive choice.  The Caribbean islands are home to a number of medical schools that are tailored to the American student – although most offer a very diverse student population.  By working on curriculums that are based on their American counterparts, these schools offer the opportunity to get a degree abroad at a more affordable rate and eventually practice as a doctor in the United States.  Like anything in life, it is up to the student to do their due diligence before making any major decisions regarding their educational future, but there are many situations where a Caribbean school may offer the best opportunity.  For those students, here is a look at some of the top island options:

The American University of Antigua:  AUA is located near the local capital of St. John’s and offers a medical program, pre-medical program, veterinary program, and a nursing school.  AUA has been consistently upgrading its facilities and offers an approved transfer program by the state of New York for transfer purposes.  With state of the art facilities, AUA has a legitimate claim to being the most moderate medical campus in the entire Caribbean.

All Saints University of Medicine:  Located in Aruba, All Saints University offers a curriculum based upon United States medical institutions.  After completion of the four year medical program, students are eligible to sit for the USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination) and even the possibility of obtaining a Canadian license.

Saint James School of Medicine:  Accredited by the Caribbean Education Authority for Education in Medicine and other Health Professions, Saint James is a private non-profit institution that offers locations in both Bonaire and Anguilla.  As a younger institution, Saint James is not eligible for accreditation in many US states at this time.

St. Matthew’s University: Located in the Cayman Islands, SMU is a for-profit institution offers both a medical and veterinary school.  This institution has been approved by both Florida and New York for the purposes of clinical rotations.  However, states such as California and Kansas have denied accreditation based upon their own requirements.

Ross University School of Medicine:  Ross is a for profit medical and veterinary university located in Dominica.  Ross graduates are eligible to practice in all 50 states and boast a robust 93% pass rate on the USMLE.  The United States department of education has deemed the Ross program to be comparable to its standards set for American programs.  However, some states do require further vetting before allowing full licensure or approval.

Saba University School of Medicine:  Currently celebrating its 25th year of existence, Saba University takes pride in over 1300 alumni currently practicing in the United States and Canada.  Saba is one of the few Caribbean medical schools that offers accreditation by the state of California, with comparable standards to those of United States institutions.

By Felix Chesterfield; If you are interested in learning more about Caribbean Medical Schools or other study abroad options, please click on the link to learn more.

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Choosing After-high School Options

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While a lot of teens see high school as a chore, something to get through and leave behind, the reality is it is the last stepping stone into adulthood. After those years are over you will come to appreciate that time of your life for the relatively carefree experience it was.

What you do after graduation depends largely on where you want to be and how quickly you want to get there. Some people have life plans started once they learn how to talk, while others are still at the planning stage when they hit 18.

There is no one size fits all plan because every choice means sacrifice and every path leads to more than one destination. One path is the road of university, college, or career training in a non-trades field.

This path is for you if you are ready to select a career path, did reasonably well in an academic program at school, and are able and ready to study and learn in a traditional setting. If you are thinking of university or college you will need good grades in high school or you must be willing to take extra time to upgrade in a post-secondary college prep program.

Just because your grades right after graduation were not great does not mean that college or university is not an option for you. This simply means it may take longer for you to get there, or that you have to attend a less prestigious college.

For career training programs, your grades may be less important but could come into to play when seeking financial aid for tuition. The biggest hurdle faced by many people wanting to go on to post-secondary programs like university or college is the high cost of tuition and books.

Extremely good grades can help in getting full or partial scholarships, but student loans are available to everyone. You can visit the Financial Aid Center at the college you plan to attend to find out more about your funding options.

While a difficult time in high school should in no way deter you if you really want to go on to a college or university be aware that the learning environment in college is the same, but more concentrated. If this is not for you, you may want to consider a trade program.

Trade school is where you go to learn a skill or craft, like becoming an electrician, plumber, carpenter, master builder, mechanic, auto body technician, mason, heating and refrigeration technician, etc.

You enter in to a program where you learn the skills hands on, become an apprentice in a specified job and eventually take a test. This is for you if you thrive in a hands-on learning environment, if you have an interest in a skill, and if you enjoy physically demanding work that is also mentally challenging.

Trades work is just as mentally challenging as fields like law, business, journalism, and medicine. Where it differs most from these professions is in how you are trained not in how smart you have to be to do the work.

Training is intensive and in most jobs you are actually working in an apprenticeship position within 6 months to a year. Depending on the job you choose and the program you enter in to it can be a few years before you become a ticketed journeyman.

A journeyman is considered an expert in a given trade and passing a journeyman’s exam is akin to passing the bar in law or completing a specialty in medicine. As a skilled worker you can easily be self-employed if so inclined.

Over the years trades have been unfairly stigmatized as a fall back career for people who could not perform in an academic setting. This is untrue and has led to a serious shortage in qualified skilled workers.

A career in a trade pays very well, is mentally stimulating, physically demanding and no one day on the job is ever the same as the last. You should definitely consider it if you are interested.

Tommy Greene is a certified CNA and has worked in health care for the past 15 years. He has great advice on what education is necessary to become a Medical Assistant Utah.

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Tommy Greene

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