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Should More High Schools Offer Workforce Training?

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Should More High Schools Offer Workforce Training?
… (CTE) – once called vocational education – is gaining ground and support in states like California, which earmarked $ 900 million in the state’s 2015 budget for school districts to develop and enhance high-quality career technical education programs.
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The state budget impasse is forcing us to trade humans for hotlines
Because we had been redirecting funds from other programs to keep CCBYS afloat, we were able to take the call and help her find a safe place to stay with another family member. After working with her for a few days, it was clear that while she was now …
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Trade schools, community college are affordable options

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Trade schools, community college are affordable options
KUSA – College isn't always the best option for students looking to build a career after high school. Trade schools and community colleges typically take less time and are a lower financial commitment. They also can lead to a hands-on skilled career …
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Why Is the College-Application Process So Complicated?
But his college options could be limited by a misunderstanding: He didn't realize he needed to answer most of the questions on the SAT. … But when he was younger, Trotman thought he would attend a trade school and enter the construction industry.
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Vocational vortex
And we are not talking about the long-term changes being looked at in education, which focus primarily on primary school age children, but on programmes that would be aimed at high school and college age students with the goal of preparing them for the …
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As schools return from break, scholarship deadlines near

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As schools return from break, scholarship deadlines near
… scholarships through three scholarship programs. Typically, a handful of local students are chosen for the honors. Most notably, the Legacy Awards Scholarship offers $ 1,000 throughout four years of college and is open to high school seniors whose …
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Exchange Program Allows South Florida Students to Trade Places
From Mark Twain’s “Prince and the Pauper” to movies like “Trading Places,” the theme of exchanging lives with someone outside your normal sphere of life has always been a source of fascination. Thanks to a novel bit of social engineering, 48 high …
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CME, Morningstar CEOs mull financial technology hub
From the place at the Chicago Board of Trade building where pits have now been dismantled, a new enterprise supporting “fintech” may rise. A powerful pack of business leaders, … “Our overall thing here is we want to do what is in the best interests …
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Industrial Technology Schools – Career Training Options

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Accredited vocational and trade schools are available for those who are looking to gain the education needed to work in the field of industrial technology. Training in this field will allow students to seek employment in a variety of areas. Accredited educational training programs provide students with the opportunity to earn a variety of certificates and degrees ranging from an associate’s to a master’s level. Students can choose to from a number of career training options offered by industrial technology schools, including industrial management, quality control, maintenance management, and much more.

*Industrial Management

Training for a career in industrial management can require students to complete an associate degree program, bachelor level program, or master degree program. These levels of education require two to six years of study. Coursework will be based on the desired level of degree and specific area of study chosen. Areas of study can include subjects like:

accounting systems
engineering economics
computer science
operations research
engineering physics
and much more.

Students who train in areas such as these will have the skills needed to enter into the workforce. Possible careers can include industrial production manager, compliance officer, operations manager, facility manager, organizational consultant, and many other professions.

*Maintenance Management

Students who choose to train in maintenance management can enroll in an accredited educational program. Training can consist of completing an associates or bachelors degree program with two to four years of study. Coursework will vary but can consist of learning:

mechanical systems
energy management
electrical systems
and much more.

By completing training in construction, students can enter into employment with industrial complexes, schools, recreation facilities, parks, and much more as maintenance managers.

*Quality Control

There are a number of accredited educational training programs that allow students to seek out an associates, bachelors, or masters degree in quality control. Students can complete anywhere between two and six years of coursework in order to earn their desired degree. Students can study in management, design, product reliability, Total Quality Management (TQM), research and development, automated testing, and many other related subjects. With an accredited degree in this area of the field students can start their careers working in:

retail product manufacturing
biochemical engineering
software development

Students who choose to train in areas such as these can expect to gain the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in a quality control career. Accredited vocational, technical, and trade schools can give students the chance to obtain the skills needed to succeed in this field. Full accreditation is provided by agencies like the Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering. Accreditation is a student’s proof that the program will provide the best quality education possible. Students can start the educational training process by enrolling in accredited industrial technology schools.

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Art Schools Options

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Many who choose to pursue a career in art have thought of California as the ideal state in which to do that. This idea is informed by such important factors as the proximity of most art and film institutions to Hollywood as well as their capability to handle this particular line.

Others are simply motivated by the beautiful weather and many other reasons. Regardless of your source for inspiration, there are numerous art schools to pick from in making the final decision. Such a decision is made rather easy when one knows what to look for in the school of choice. Here are a number of factors on which there can be no compromise:

Carry out some research on the area of strength of a particular institution. The field of arts has so much to offer – performing arts, drawing, painting, sculpture, digital media, etc. Different schools handle these specific areas differently depending on their level of experience in the area and the expertise of instructors.

Find out what institution does best in the particular category that is of interest to you. You could do that by speaking to alumni or reading up on the institutions performance.

If you would like to study on scholarship basis, look for institutions that offer that provision. Assess your chances of qualifying for the program according to the requirements set out. Pick the one that seems most likely to grant you the scholarship.

Accredited art schools should certainly be top on the list of choice. This is because they have to have shown high quality levels in order to qualify for the certification. The implication of that is that you can expect a good standard of education from them at least on the basis of national standards.

The faculty of a particular institution matters a lot also. If they make available the services of big names in the industry, then this is a great advantage to the students. Some of them feature renowned personalities as full-time instructors while others offer the privilege every once-in-a-while.

This provision would enable the student to get a realistic perspective on the industry and the career path generally.

The opportunity to utilize relevant equipment of a certain field of study is another advantage that one should look for in an institution. Theoretical art studies are not really beneficial in the long run.

Employers want people who only require little training once they get hired and therefore you need to study in a place where you have access to up-to-date equipment. Find this out beforehand because getting stuck in such a college would be a waste of resources.

Its location in relation to areas of interest matter a lot if your choice of California was pegged on proximity to such places as Hollywood or Silicon Valley. Art schools located in these areas provide students the unique opportunity to work part-time while in session.

The variety of art schools California provides ample options for all interested persons. Assess the suitability of these art schools against these factors and make a wise pick. California Art Schools provides a range of different kinds of subjects to choose from